How to Connect G.A.S EC Fans to Controllers

How to Connect G.A.S EC Fans to Controllers

Choosing the correct cables for a Revolution Vector EC fan setup can seem a little tricky, but it's actually very simple. Our experts are always on hand to help, but to make it as clear as possible, we've outlined some popular combinations below. 

There are two main types of G.A.S controller cable: active and inactive. Inactive cables transfer data only, whereas active cables allow the controller to receive power from the fan at the same time. If your fan speed controller doesn't have its own power supply, then it will require an active cable to work. If you're in any doubt, go for an active cable because active cables work with all Vector EC controllers.

The diagram below shows you how easy it is to connect a revolution fan to an EC1 (a great little unit that offers silent, thermostatic control for an exceptional price). Note that controllers and fans always come with female connectors. For this reason, the single cable that's required to join them is a 'male to male'.

But what if you want to use the EC1 with an extractor fan and an intake? Well, there's quite an easy solution: just add in a splitter. This divides the controller's female connector into two separate females. You can then use two 'male to male' cables to link up your fans.

There is one slight issue with this setup. When using a splitter, there's no way to control the output level of each fan. You should always ensure that you pull more air from the room than you put in, so that smells can't escape. If you run two identical fans for intake and extraction, your grow area won't have negative pressure. Whenever you use a splitter, make sure that you run an intake fan that's smaller than your extraction!

The EC5 solves that issue by giving you complete control over the output levels of each fan, and as you can see below, it's very easy to set up.

The EC Controller is also cable of balancing intake and extractor fans. It doesn't feature thermostatic control, so it won't adjust fan speeds according to room temperature, but it comes in at a phenomenal price-point

What Cables Come With My Equipment?

Vector EC fans are supplied without cables. As for the controllers, that depends on the type:

The following fan speed controllers are powered directly from a wall socket. They come without cables.

  • G.A.S AC-EC Controller
  • G.A.S Enviro Controller
  • GHC Multifan Controller

These controllers are powered via a fan. They are supplied with one '5m Active Male to Male' cable.

  • G.A.S EC
  • G.A.S EC1 Thermostatic
  • G.A.S EC5

The Cables Aren't Long Enough for my Room - Is There Any Way to Extend Them?

Yes, you can join up two 'male to male' cables by inserting an 'Active Female to Female Extension' (Pack 11) in between them. You can then use this extended length of cable as you would any other 'male to male'.

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