Flexi Tanks? Are They Any Good?

Most types of hydroponics system are based around a tank, reservoir or container which holds an amount of nutrient feed which is then distributed to plants via a dripper system, flood and drain or nutrient film (NFT). Even Deep Water Culture (DWC) systems, sometimes known as “Bubbler” systems utilise a container filled with nutrient solution into which the plant grows it’s roots directly.

For larger and more advanced systems, a quite large reservoir is required which is used as the main storage container for the whole system.

This is particularly true for IWS systems around which the whole system is based. The large reservoir of nutrient solution is used to periodically water the plants and then, at the end of the feeding cycle, the system drains the nutrient solution from the plant pots back into the large reservoir, ready to be for the next feeding cycle.

Up until a short while ago, the only type of large main reservoir available was the hard plastic type. Available in 3 sizes to suit the system, these large green containers are certainly tough enough do their intended job very well.

Enter the Flexi Tank! The Flexi Tank was introduced a few months ago as a solution to the transportation, manoeuvring and storage problems of the old hard plastic tank.

The collapsible Flexi Tank is a tough waterproof fabric container which is easily erected by inserting the supplied support rods into the sides. Because the Flexi Tank is made of tough waterproof fabric, it is supplied packed into a surprisingly small box. This completely overcomes the problem of transportation, and manoeuvring through small hatches or into difficult to reach places. After use, a Flexi Tank can be packed back down for easy storage.

Flexi Tanks come in a range of different sizes from 100 litre right the way up to 700 litre. IWS have introduced their own range of Flexi Tanks which come supplied either with or without pump and pipes to connect it to your existing IWS system. IWS Flexi Tanks come in 3 sizes: 100, 250 or 400 litre sizes.

Now, one of the first things that springs to most people’s minds is: “Can I really trust this piece of fabric to hold 400 litres of water without bursting?”

The answer to this is quite simply “YES!”

How do I know this, and how can I be so sure? Well, when the Flexi Tanks were being designed, they called for very thick, and amazingly strong waterproof fabric, designed with reliability and longevity in mind. All the pipe/tap holes are reinforced. The manufacturers went to almost paranoid levels of care in the design, going totally overboard to ensure that their product would be completely safe.

The manufacturer spent many months testing the Flexi Tank way beyond the call of duty before it was introduced onto the market. There were rip tests, puncture tests, leak tests, the list goes on and on. The testing was incredibly rigorous, but the final product passed all these tests with flying colours.

To this date, One Stop Grow Shop has not had a single complaint of a Flexi Tank failing or even causing a single drip! The chances of a Flexi Tank ever failing or of you ever accidentally tearing or puncturing a Flexi Tank are minimum to none. They really are that good!

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