Starting Out in Hydroponics

Getting Growing

Beginning any new hobby involves steep learning curves and periods of trial and error and the same is certainly true of hydroponics. If you’re thinking about dipping your toe in the water and seeing if hydroponics is for you then you’ll need two important things:

1)    The Equipment - A starter hydroponics kit

Instead of having to figure out exactly what you need before you’ve had chance to get involved can be frustrating, so we would recommend a clone propagation kit which is available now to buy on our website. This way you’ll be buying everything you need to get started. Except for some of the consumables, the kit will still be sufficient and appropriate in the future when you decide to expand your operation:

2)    A reputable equipment supplier

The best advice is always that given by somebody who is experienced and knowledgeable in the subject area. The team here at One Stop Grow Shop is available over the phone for advice relating to growing and using products correctly.

We’ll also be able to offer product advice and make sure you’re not left standing over your latest purchase wondering what to do with it.

The Growing Experience

As a hobby, hydroponic growing is incredibly rewarding and although it isn’t fast paced, the excitement comes from the end result. Watching your first plant produce a flower after you’ve nurtured and looked after it for weeks is a wonderful experience.

For those who enjoy experimenting with different ideas, the range of products that can be used to achieve different effects is comprehensive. The technical side of hydroponics is an area of interest in its own right although just a basic knowledge and understanding is enough to set you on the right track whilst a lot of what you learn will come from getting stuck in and having a go. On top of this, our website product pages are a great resource for learning about different nutrients and all the pieces of kit. As if that wasn't enough, this blog will be a great place to learn about new techniques and begin to understand how different products can work together successfully as it grows and develops.

Like any new experience, there are going to be challenges and there are going to be inevitable mistakes but the end result brings a lot of satisfaction, pride and enjoyment.

Getting started