Zero Tolerance - Herbal Fungicide Concentrate by Ed Rosenthal

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Discover the Awesome Fungicidal Power of Essential Oils!

In the agricultural industry, the use of fungicides, pesticides and herbicides is commonplace. Unfortunately, these substances are often unpleasant chemicals. If you consume your produce in any way then you probably don't want to be using those chemicals on your plants. Zero Tolerance Herbal Fungicide, brought to us by grow expert and author Ed Rosenthal, utilises the power of essential oils to combat plant fungal infections. It is effective on powdery mildew as well as white and gray moulds and it is safe for ingestible crops. It is listed as certified for organic growing by OMRI.

How Zero Tolerance Herbal Fungicide Works

Although scientists are still researching exactly how they work, certain essential oils have been found to be incredibly effective against moulds and fungi. Zero Tolerance Herbal Fungicide contains a blend of 4 of the most powerful fungicidal essential oils that we know of - clove, cinnamon, oregano and thyme. These are mixed with some inert ingredients such as glycerin, lecithin and water to make a formidable foliar spray, capable of defending your plants against almost all common fungal ailments. When Zero Tolerance is diluted and sprayed on plants, the essential oils go on the offensive, killing existing fungi, moulds and their spores and also preventing them from taking hold.

As a bonus, the essential oils in Zero Tolerance Herbal Fungicide are a great deterrent to many insects. However, the essential oils gradually evaporate over the course of 4-5 days leaving no residues, tastes or smells. To make sure that any infestation has been completely treated, Zero Tolerance should be applied 3 times, 3 days apart.

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1 x Your choice of size of Ed Rosenthal's Zero Tolerance Herbal Fungicide


  • Incredibly effective against almost all fungal infections found in plants
  • Contains essential oils - completely natural and safe to plants and humans
  • Certified by OMRI for organic growing use - contains no nasty chemicals
  • Leaves no residues, tastes or smells in the final produce
  • Can be used up to 10 days before harvest
  • Even works against some insect pests
  • Can be used regularly to prevent fungal problems occuring
  • Highly concentrated - use diluted at 50ml per litre of water or less (see below for dosage instructions)
  • Brought to us by world renowned grow expert and author - Ed Rosenthal

How To Use

The full-strength dosage of Zero Tolerance Herbal Fungicide concentrate is 50ml per litre of water. However, this can often be too strong for many plants, particularly if they are not in absolute peak health. A lower strength is often preferable. Zero Tolerance Herbal Fungicide is a very strong solution of essential oils and should only be used at full strength on plants that are in peak health and are not wilted or stressed. Because of its strength, many growers use it successfully at half strength or lower. This helps to avoid the chance of it causing problems.

DO NOT MISS THIS STEP, DO A PATCH TEST: It is incredibly important to test one leaf with a small amount of made-up spray solution before using it all over all your plants. If the leaf has reacted negatively in any way after 24-hours then DO NOT USE the spray at that strength on the whole plant. Instead, retest another leaf with a half strength solution, then wait another 24 hours and recheck. It is highly important to find the right dosage strength for the health condition of your particular plants before spraying your whole crop.

Once you have found the appropriate dilution rate for the health of your plants with the leaf patch test described above, mix the solution at that rate with water and use a fogger or a sprayer set to "fine mist" and apply it to your plants, A fogger uses less solution overall and because the mist is finer, it is actually more effective. If you are using a sprayer, make sure it is set to "fine spray" and apply it to the underside as well as the tops of the leaves. Only spray under low light conditions. Wet leaves can become burned under intense light conditions.

Reapply Zero Tolerance every 3 days, at least 3 times (or more).

Zero Tolerance concentrate is STRONG. When handling it we recommend the use of protective gloves. Take care not to get it on your skin or inhale it. DEFINITELY do not ingest it! If it does get on your skin or eyes, wash immediately with water. If it gets ingested, rinse mouth with lots of water. Do not induce vomiting.

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