White Floor Secure Sheeting 250mu - 4m Wide

Length: 25 metres
Sale price£148.49

Protect floors & carpets from drips and spillages with Floor Secure Sheeting

Created to save growers from the worry of water damage to their floors. Floor Secure Sheeting is a non-ripping heavy duty plastic sheeting to secure any floor against drips and spillages.

How White Floor Secure Sheeting Works

White Floor Secure Sheeting is a tough and rip-resistant plastic sheeting in a large width making it easy to cover large floor areas. White Floor Secure Sheeting makes it easy to clear up drips and spills without any damage to the floor underneath. White Floor Secure Sheeting is the economical solution to saving your floors from damage.

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4m-wide White Floor Secure Sheeting. Select a size to suit your requirements

Please note: In order to keep the delivery cost to you down to a minimum, this item may be taken off the roll and folded to fit into our packaging.


  • Very wide (4m) width for easy covering of large floor areas
  • Proudly manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Tough, tear-resistant and hard-wearing
  • Great value-for money
  • Made from a non-gassing plastic
  • Protects your floors from drips and spillages

How To Use

How to use White Floor Secure Sheeting

White Floor Secure Sheeting comes in 4m width, folded over for easy transportation. To use it simply unfold and lay flat on the floor-area. Floor Secure sheeting can then be held in place with tape or heavy objects.

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