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Kits: Hard Water - pH Down
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Everything You Need To Perfect Your Nutrient Solution

Keeping your nutrient solution in check has never been easier. Our hand-picked kit contains all the tools required to manage your pH and EC levels perfectly to optimise your plants nutrient uptake, keeping them healthy, strong and maximising your potential yields.

How the Grower's Water Conditioning Toolkit Works

The Grower's Toolbox gives you everything you need to condition your nutrient solution, perfectly. Ecothrive Neutralise has been included to start this process by tackling both chlorine and chloramine. Giving microbial life the best possible chance to flourish. pH & EC meters enable complete control over nutrient strength, as well as the acidity.

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  • Helps keep your pH and EC levels in check, providing optimum growing conditions for plants
  • Made of tough plastic
  • Water resistant
  • Automatic power off to save battery life

How To Use

How to Use the Grower's Water Conditioning Toolkit

Check out the One Stop Grow Shop Blog to find out how to get pH right in hydroponics. You'll also find information on calibration and the availability of nutrients at different pH ranges. To learn how to control nutrient strength, see the following article.

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