Veg+Bloom VBX


Size: 450G (1LB)
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Veg+Bloom VBX - Blended for Maximum LED Growth

VBX is a tailor-made, powdered nutrient, bought to you by the team at Hydroponic Research (Veg+Bloom). It's formulated to maximise results when running LED grow lights. It's the first ever two-in-one soluble plant food and probiotic, with high-grade mineral ingredients blended with beneficial microbes. These microbes play an array of roles in improving plant health, making nutrients more available, warding off pathogens and 'cleaning up' the substrate by creating enzymes that break down dead matter. These attributes ensure that VBX generates huge yields, as well as an excellent quality end-product. Hydroponic Research nutrients were created for growers operating at huge scales, where tiny differences in performance have huge pay-offs. They're designed to squeeze as much as possible from your plants, which explains why customer feedback on this range has been exceptional. VBX delivers the goods in pretty much any growing medium or grow system, whether it's soil, coco or hydroponic.

Please note: this is a powdered nutrient.

Visit the Veg+Bloom category to see the complete range or check out the One Stop Blog for more info.


Choose from 1lb (453g) , 5lb (2.275g) and 25lb (11.36kg) sizes using the dropdown menu.


  • Formulated to get the best out of LED grow lights
  • Increases yields and quality levels when growing with LEDs
  • A potent mineral-based feed that's also loaded with probiotics (beneficial microbes)
  • Extremely versatile - delivers great results with coco, soil and hydroponic growing media
  • Produces great results, from rooted cuttings to the end of the bloom phase
  • Teams up nicely with Shine and Push
  • Made in California

How To Use

A copy of the VBX feed chart can be found in the downloads section, which provides information on dosing.

You'll need a pH meter and an EC meter to administer these nutrients. You can find a large selection of suitable equipment in the pH & EC Control section.

As always, add one nutrient or additive and give the reservoir a good stir before adding the next one.

Change your reservoir out at least once per week.

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