Veg+Bloom - Shine Additive


Size: 1lb
Sale price£38.99

Loaded with Phosphorus, Potassium and Bloom Enhancers

Shine teams up nicely with Veg+Bloom base nutrient powders, giving your plants everything they need to push fruit development as far as possible. It's formulated with generous doses of phosphorus and potassium (PK 22-12). Plants have a higher demand for these key macronutrients when they reach the bloom phase, and Shine easily satisfies their requirements, allowing plants to reach their full potential. Shine also includes a powerful nectar secretion agent, which causes fruits to pile on weight while improving flavours and aromas.

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Choose from 1lb (453g) , 2.2 lb (1kg), 5lb (2.275g) and 25lb (11.36kg) sizes using the dropdown menu.


  • Triggers explosive fruit development
  • Potent PK booster - loaded with phosphorus and potassium (PK 22-12)
  • Formulated with crab shell extract, plant cutin isolates
  • Loaded with nectar secretion agents that cause plants to ooze with essential oils
  • Comes in powder form - the first choice of many professional growers
  • Produces great results in pretty much any grow medium or grow system - soil, coco or hydro
  • Teams up nicely with the rest of the Veg+Bloom range

How To Use

A copy of the Veg+Bloom feed chart can be found in the downloads section, which provides information on dosing.

You'll need a pH meter and an EC meter to administer these nutrients. You can find a large selection of suitable equipment in the pH & EC Control section.

As always, add one nutrient or additive and give the reservoir a good stir before adding the next one.

Start using Shine as you enter 'bloom phase one', once your plants are showing signs of flowering.

Change your reservoir out at least once per week.


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