Veg+Bloom Push Foliar Spray

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Delivers Calcium and Silicon Directly to Leaves

Foliar feeding with Push is a great way to get extra nutrients into your plants. Amongst other things, Push is loaded with silica and calcium. Silicon is a key structural element in the cell walls of plants. It is thought to strengthen the walls, making them more resistant to damage and less likely to collapse. Healthier individual cells produce stronger overall plants, which is one of the reasons why Push has such a noticeable impact.

Calcium is a mineral that is found naturally in soils and can be absorbed by plants through roots and leaves. Calcium is essential for plant growth and plays a role in several plant processes, including the transportation of nutrients, the formation of new cells, and the strengthening of plant tissues. Without adequate calcium, plants are more susceptible to damage from pests and diseases.

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  • Greens up leaves, giving them a healthy shine
  • Delivers silica and calcium directly to leaves - two nutrients that are particulalry effective as foliar treatments
  • Improves the integrity of cell walls for stronger, more robust plants with thicker stems and stronger branches
  • Assist with the transporting of nutrients around the plant
  • Increases resistance to pests and diseases
  • Allows plants to focus more energy on producing fruits
  • Produces glossy, healthy looking leaves
  • Teams up nicely with the other products in the Veg+Bloom range

How To Use

The team at Hydroponic Research suggest using Push Foliar at a dosage of 50ml per US gallon (3.78 litres), which translates to around 13ml per litre of water.

Shine is generally use during the veg stages (once plants have started to show roots). Carry on using it after switching to a 12/12 lighting schedule and finish using it once your plants start to develop flowers and fruits.

A copy of the Veg+Bloom feed chart can be found in the downloads section, which provides information on dosing for the range.

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