Veg+Bloom Dosatron

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Makes the Process of Blending and Dispensing Nutrients Quicker and More Precise

The Dosatron can be utilised with an array of automated grow systems, including aquaponics, drippers, vertical systems, flood & drain, and aeroponics, amongst others.

It delivers the goods anywhere, whether it's indoors, outdoors or a greenhouse environment. It will accurately dispense nutrients, saving time on measuring and pouring. With Dosatron’s full line of injectors, you can automate nutrient admistration to create mixes with repeatable results.

They are simple and cheap to run, as well as being easy to service and maintain.

Visit the Veg+Bloom category to see the complete range or check out the One Stop Blog for more info.


  • Reduces human error by automating nutrient adminstration
  • Saves time and effort mixing nutrients
  • Engineered to be as simple as possible
  • Modular and customisable system - can be adapted to suit most set-ups
  • Accurate, precise and simple to use

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