Aeroponic Unheated Propagators


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Aeroponic Unheated Propagator

This unheated aeroponic propagator provides a safe, nurturing environment to help strengthen and grow your cuttings until they turn into rooted clones. Aeroponics is the most advanced method of propagation and provides your plants with the most high quality form of growing. It allows your plants to be misted by a nutrient solution, whilst still being able to breathe, which is essential to forming healthy, strong roots.

How the Aeroponic Unheated Propagator works

This aeroponic unheated propagator is made up of a deep bottom tray and a tall, an inner tray, and clear plastic lid. The propagator also comes with a kit bag that includes a pump, spray head, neoprene collars and net pot baskets. The bottom tray can hold a tray of neoprene collars into which fresh cuttings are suspended to find root. When the clear plastic lid is placed on the top, a humid environment is created which helps to prevent your cuttings from building up bacteria or suffering from disease. When the spray head is assembled in the bottom tray, the technology of the mini sprinklers allows the spray head to lightly mist the roots with a constant, much-needed nutrient solution. Cultivating cuttings with this method of aeroponics also allows for a much faster turnaround of roots, and leaves you with minimal to no maintenance. The set-up of the propagator allows for unrestricted airflow, allowing your plants easy access to a wealth of oxygen which promotes efficient root growth.

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1 x Unheated Propagator

Net Pots

Neoprene Collars

Spray Heads



  • Lightweight material
  • Better success rate of explosive growth
  • Much faster turnaround time
  • Durable and strong construction
  • Easy, manageable set-up and virtually no maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Reduces risk of bacterial growth
  • Doesn’t require growing medium

How To Use

In order to effectively propagate it is useful to research methods beforehand to figure out how to use cuttings from a mother plant, and which approach is best for gathering your cuttings. Once the top tray is filled with neoprene collars (or alternatively net pots), use a sterile blade to take your cuttings, and then suspend them in the neoprene collars. Place the plastic lid on the tray and place your choice of lights on top of the inserts in the lid. We would recommend using SunBlaster T5s, which come as part of our Aeroponic Propagation Kits.

With the spray head inserted into the bottom tray of the propagator, the cuttings can be constantly misted with nutrient solution and an unrestricted access to oxygen airflow. We would also recommend using a rooting gel to help get your plants started.

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