Uvonair UV-80H In-Duct Ozone Generator Replacement Lamp


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Replacement Lamp For the Uvonair UV-80H In-Duct Ozone Generator

This replacement ozone lamp neutralises odours and inhibits moulds and bacteria in the air. The Uvonair UV-80H works in your 8 inch (200mm) outlet ducting, producing enough ozone to clean the air coming out of areas up to 5000-10000 cubic feet (150-300 cubic metres). Great for peace of mind when growing plants that create a lot of odour.

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The Uvonair UV-80H is incredibly effective at reducing odours. However, it is NOT a replacement for a quality carbon filter which should still be used to in your extraction system. The lamps in the Uvonair UV-80H should be changed every year or after 8000 hours of use (whichever comes first) to maintain the unit’s effectiveness.

Warnings: Do not inhale the air from directly in front of the generator or the end of the ducting as this will be very rich in ozone and therefore could be a hazard to health. Do not stare at the UV lamps as this could cause damage to the eyes. Children and animals should be kept out of any area which may contain elevated levels of ozone.

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