Uvonair In-Room Ozone Generator
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Uvonair In-Room Ozone Generator


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Uvonair 1000

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Uvonair In-Room Ozone Generator
  • Group shot
  • 90523 uvonair 1000 in room ozone generator v2
  • 90524 uvonair 3000 in room ozone generator 1
  • 90530 uvonair 5000 in room ozone generator

Uvonair In-Room Ozone Generator

Ozone neutralises odours and inhibits moulds and bacteria in the air. Uvonair In-Room ozone generators produces enough ozone to help keep the air fresh and clean in areas up to 5000 cubic feet for the larger sized units. Great for keeping grow-rooms free of infections and eradicating smells.

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  • Uvonair – Makers of high quality ozone generators
  • Uvonair 1000, 3000 and 5000 – for use inside your grow-room
  • Produces 7.2mg, 29mg or 47mg per hour, dependning on the model
  • Professional quality
  • Drastically reduces odours
  • Inhibits mould and bacterial infections - useful in helping to contain powdery mildew
  • Incredibly effective in rooms up to 5000 cubic feet (for the largest model)


1 x Uvonair 1000 In-Room Ozone Generator

How the In-Room Ozone Generator Works

Uvonair 1000 - 6-inch ultraviolet lamp - 7.2mg / hour - covers 30 cubic metres (1000 cubic feet)

Uvonair 3000 - 11-inch ultraviolet lamp - 29mg / hour - covers 100 cubic metres (3000 cubic feet)

Uvonair 5000 - 14 inch ultraviolet lamp - 47mg / hour - covers 150 cubic metres (5000 cubic feet)

The Uvonair In-Room Ozone Generator is a professional quality ozone generator that uses an ultraviolet lamp to produce ozone at rates of up to 47mg per hour (for the Unvoniar 5000). These units utilise fans to release and spread the ozone into a room. When ozone is released into a room, it neutralises odours, bacteria and mould spores that it comes into contact with, making the air considerably cleaner and fresher-smelling. Uvonair In-Room Ozone Generators are highly effective in rooms of up to 5000 cubic feet (30 cubic metres) in size. The Uvonair incorporates a convenient power switch so that the unit can be easily switched on and off.

Using the In-Room Ozone Generator

Ozone is heavier than air and for this reason the Uvonair should be placed on a shelf or mounted in a location which is as high up as possible within the room in which it is to be used. Ensure that neither end is obstructed, and that air can flow into and out of the unit freely. Plug the unit into a convenient mains socket and switch on. It will now produce ozone and release it into the room, neutralising odours, mould and bacteria.

Excess ozone can be harmful to humans and animals and if the room is smaller than the recommended size (see above) then it is a wise precaution to use a timer such as a Grasslin Analogue segmental timer to reduce the length of time the generator is on for. This will help to keep ozone levels within the room down to a safe level.

The Uvonair is incredibly effective at reducing odours. However, it is NOT a replacement for a filter and extraction fan which should still be used to remove stale air from your grow-room.

Warnings: do not inhale the air from directly in front of the generator as this will be very rich in ozone and therefore could be a hazard to health. Do not stare at the ultraviolet lamp inside the Uvonair as this could cause damage to the eyes. It is a wise precaution to switch it off for 30 minutes to an hour to allow ozone levels to fall prior to working in your grow-room. Children and animals should be kept out of any area which may contain elevated levels of ozone.