Uvonair In-Duct Ozone Generators

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Uvonair In-Duct Ozone Generator

Please note: This product should NOT be used with Phonic Trap Ducting as the ozone from this generator will damage it. Only use metallic ducting such as Flexiduct, standard Acoustic Ducting or Combi-Ducting. This product is also a purchase to order, so please bear this in mind as there may be delays slightly outside our regular delivery times.

Ozone neutralises odours and inhibits moulds and bacteria in the air. The Uvonair In-Duct works in your 8 inch, 10 inch or 12 inch ducting (depending on the model selected), producing enough ozone to clean the air in areas up to 100,000 cubic feet (3000 cubic metres). Great for peace of mind when growing plants that create a lot of odour.

How the Uvonair In-Duct Ozone Generator Works

In-Duct Ozone Generators are professional quality ozone generators that utilise a corona discharge tube to produce up to 5800mg of ozone per hour (depending on the selected model). Uvonair In-Duct Ozone Generators are designed to be inserted into your extraction system, directly after the carbon filter and fan. The ozone produced is then mixed with the air leaving the grow-room as it travels down the ducting, neutralising odours, bacteria and mould spores that it comes into contact with, making the air considerably cleaner and fresher-smelling. Uvonair In-Duct ozone generators have power switches which enables them to be switched between low, off and high.


1 x Uvonair In-Duct Ozone Generator


  • Uvonair – Makers of high quality ozone generators
  • Used with 8-inch, 10-inch or 12-inch ducting
  • Uses corona discharge to produce up to 5800mg of ozone per hour
  • Can be switched between high and low output
  • Professional quality
  • Drastically reduces odours exiting the outlet ducting
  • Incredibly effective for rooms up to 20000 cubic feet (600 cubic metres)
  • Uses only 24 watts - 90 watts (depending on size)
  • Please note - warrenty is covered from the time that we purchase the product

How To Use

The Uvonair In-Duct is designed to be used inside your grow-room extraction system. Although it is superb at reducing odours, it should always be used in combination with a quality carbon filter to ensure complete elimination of smells. It should be connected into the ducting straight after the duct-fan and there should be several metres of ducting after it, preferably at least 5 metres. This gives the ozone plenty of chance to mix with the air and to clean it as it goes down the ducting before coming out of the end.

The Uvonair should be switched on whenever the duct-fan is on. It can be wired to the same electrical feed as the duct-fan as long as a fan speed controller is not being used. If a fan speed controller is being used then the Uvonair should not be connected to this supply as it will not work. In this case, it will need its own mains electrical supply.

Ozone can be harmful to humans and animals so the air leaving the ducting should not blow directly into areas where it likely to be inhaled. Instead, the end of the ducting should be located somewhere that the ozone-laden air can disperse before it is likely to be inhaled by humans or animals.

Warnings: Do not inhale the air from directly in front of the generator or the end of the ducting as this will be very rich in ozone and therefore could be a hazard to health. Children and animals should be kept out of any area which may contain elevated levels of ozone.

The corona discharge type Uvonair ozone generators do not require maintenance or scheduled replacement of any parts.

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