Tropic Bat Mix 50 Litres


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Tropic Bat Mix 50 Litres - New Premium-Grade Batmix!

The new Tropic Bat Mix 50 Litres brings you a high-quality, premium grade Batmix for a fraction of the cost of others, making it easier for you to get the insane benefits of using bat guano - one of the richest sources of organic fertilisation on the planet.

The quality of Tropic Bat Mix is perfect for high-quality crops as they're pre-buffed with lime and magnesium limestone, ensuring an optimal pH of 5.7 for great nutrient availability, boosting your growth rates and minimising any deficiencies within your plants. When the guano is broken down by microbes, it feeds your plants over time and gives them a long lasting period of consistent nutrition while preventing over-fertilisation.

Tropic Batmix is also made using German peat moss, giving you a black peat based growing media for a fraction of the cost of competitors, whilst keeping an insane quality substrate.

Why is Guano so good?

Guano has a very high phosphorus content, which helps your plants to produce insane roots, in-turn, leading to bigger fruits with fantastic tasting fruits with pungent aromas; if you're looking for flavour in your plants crops, Tropic BatMix is perfect for the job.


  • Insane quality Batmix for a low cost
  • Increases aromas and flavours in your crops
  • Provides your root zone with an explosion of high phosphorus bat guano!
  • RHP approved for peace of mind
  • Pre-buffed for easy use
  • With a pH of 5.7 & EC of 1.3
  • Produced in the Netherlands

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