Tropic Light Mix 50 Litres


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Tropic Light Mix - New & Improved Premium-Grade Soil

The new & improved Tropic Light Mix is a fantastic substrate for those who want lightly fertilised soil. This ready-to-use media gives you fantastic control over your plants feed, whilst giving them enough to get up and running.

Tropic Light Mix is lightly dosed with a high-quality peat moss, lime stone and beneficial microorganisms to give your plants a push at the start of their life without the risk of over-fertilising, making it ideal for plants in the early stages of their cycle.

Want full control over your feed? Go Tropic Light Mix.


  • New mix - high-quality organic soil
  • Contains light amounts of peat moss, lime stone and beneficial microbes
  • RHP approved for peace of mind
  • Creates fantastic yields and great quality fruits!
  • Provides extreme root development
  • Washed & buffered for easy use
  • With a pH of 5.5 & EC of 0.8
  • Produced in the Netherlands

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