Tropic All Mix 50 Litres


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Tropic All Mix - New & Improved Premium-Grade Soil

The new & improved Tropic All Mix 50 litres is a fully organic potting soil which is pre-fertilised with organic nutrients made to give your plants a helping hand. This soil is ready to use straight out of the bag and is specifically formulated to mimic the fertile outdoor potting soil plants would occur, packed full of well balanced ingredients including lime stone, high quality peat moss and beneficial microbes & bacteria which provides your plants with extreme root development. This creates a full micro active ecosystem which helps to sustain lush growth; pair this with an optimum environment and you'll be seeing a massive increase in both yield and quality.

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  • New & improved mix - high-quality organic soil
  • Contains high quality peat moss, lime stone and beneficial microbes
  • RHP approved for peace of mind
  • Creates fantastic yields and great quality fruits!
  • Provides extreme root development
  • Washed & buffered for easy use
  • With pH values of 5.5 & EC of 1.0
  • Produced in the Netherlands

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