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Terra Aquatica Pro Roots - A Powerful Rooting Activator

Strong roots make for strong plants. Terra Aquatica Pro Roots gives root systems a push while plants are in their earliest stages, laying the foundations for dense, vibrant looking roots further down the line, and in turn, bigger and better yields.

Pro Roots dramatically increases the production and development of new roots, which gives rooted cuttings and seedlings a huge boost. Use it as soon as you notice roots start to form and keep using it for around two weeks. It will deliver great results in pretty much any growing medium or grow system.

A little bit of Pro Roots goes a long way. Add it at a rate of just 0.2ml per litre of nutrient solution or at 0.1ml per litre as a foliar treatment.

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1 x bottle of Terra Aquatica Pro Roots






  • Formerly known as General Hydroponics or GHE
  • One of the OG nutrient manufacturers
  • Highly concentrated - used at just 0.1ml to 0.2ml per litre
  • Massively increases root development in the early vegetative stages
  • Increases resistance to pathogenic mould and fungus
  • Produces vibrant, healthy plants
  • Delivers the goods with any grow medium or system - soil, coco or hydro

How To Use

How to Use Terra Aquatica Pro Roots

Be sure to shake the bottle thoroughly before use.

A copy of the Terra Aquatica feed charts can be found in the Downloads section.

Pro Roots is highly concentrated; use it at a rate of 0.2ml per litre of nutrient solution or at 0.1ml per litre as a foliar treatment.

Pro Roots is formulated for use early on in the vegetative stages. Apply it to cuttings, seedlings and re-potted plants for around two weeks, then switch to Fulvic.

When mixing nutrients, add each part separately and stir well. Clean your measuring equipment after administering each nutrient to avoid contamination.


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