Terra Aquatica - FinalPart (Ripen)


Size: 500ml
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Triggers the Ripening Process for Bigger Harvests and Better Tasting Fruits

FinalPart, also known as Ripen, is one of the industry's best known products. It works by sending powerful signals to plants, indicating that they're approaching their final stages. This causes the ripening process to speed up dramatically, so that fruits swell up in size. Essential oil production ramps up, which in turn improves aromas while piling on extra weight. Expect to see juicy, succulent fruits with incredible flavours.

If you're pushed for time, FinalPart can help you to get your plants finished off earlier by speeding up the flowering process.

Stop using your other nutrients and switch to FinalPart for the second to last week of flower, saving the last week for flushing with FlashClean. The TA feed chart states that you also add in either Pro Bloom or Bloom Booster while using FinalPart.

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1 x bottle of Terra Aquatica Final Part AKA Ripen. Choose from the following sizes using the dropdown menu:


1 litre

5 litre

10 litre


  • Formerly known as General Hydroponics or GHE
  • One of the OG nutrient manufacturers
  • Sends a signal to plants to accelerate the ripening process
  • Causes plants to strengthen their defences, increasing essential oil production
  • Triggers a noticeable improvement in flavours and aromas
  • Piles on extra weight, for bigger and better harvests
  • Contains easy-to-assimilate minerals that nourish plants
  • Helps to use up excess mineral salts

How To Use

How to Use FinalPart (Ripen)

Be sure to shake the bottle thoroughly before use.

A copy of the Terra Aquatica feed chart can be found in the Downloads section.

Final Part is generally used on its own during the second to last week of the flowering stages, the final week being reserved for the flush. The TA feed chart states that you also add in either Pro Bloom or Bloom Booster while using FinalPart. Add FinalPart at a rate of 5ml per litre.

When mixing nutrients, add each part separately and stir well. Clean your measuring equipment after administering each nutrient to avoid contamination.




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