T-Piece with Reducing Centre Flange Rigid Ducting Part


Size: 2x 10-inch (254mm) to 1x 6-inch (152mm)
Sale price£22.99

Reducing Centre Duct Tee

A tee-shaped connecting segment for your extraction system with a reduced diameter centre inlet/outlet.

How the Reducing Centre Duct Tee Works

This Rigiid Ducting T-Piece Has 2 end flanges of the same diameter and a centre flange of a reduced diameter allowing the connection of unequal diameters of ducting without the need for a seperate reducer.

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1 x Reducing Centre Duct Tee with flange diameters of your choice


  • Provides extra options when creating extraction systems
  • Engineered from galvanised steel
  • Incredibly tough and hardwearing
  • Can be reused again and again
  • Easy to fit

How To Use

How to Use the Reducing Centre Duct Tee

Suitably matched female to female couplings should be used to join the T Piece to rigid ducting or to other connecting segments. The female to female coupling has a slightly larger diameter than the T Piece, and fits over the two at the join. Any gaps can then be sealed off with duct tape.

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