Sylvania Grolux 600W HPS Lamp 90,000 Lumens
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10–49 £19.95
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Sylvania Grolux 600W HPS Lamp 90,000 Lumens

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Sylvania Grolux 600W HPS Lamp 90,000 Lumens
Bulk Discount
10–49 £19.95
50+ £18.95

Provides an Excellent Cost to Performance Ratio

The Sylvania Grolux 600w is a tried-and-tested, world-renowned lamp that's been delivering the goods for years and years. They're the perfect choice for those who are looking for lamps that deliver great yields without breaking the bank.

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  • Sylvania Grolux - Highly popular lamp made by a market-leading manufacturer
  • Tried and tested equipment that's proven to get the job done
  • Broad spectrum output makes it usable in veg or flowering stages
  • 90,000 lumens output
  • Sylvania Grolux - specifically designed for optimum plant growth


1 x Sylvania Grolux 600 watt high pressure sodium lamp

How the Grolux 600w Lamp Works

The Sylvania Grolux 600w HPS lamp is a dual-spectrum lamp with a high 90,000 lumens output. The Sylvania Grolux produces light mostly in the orange/red part of the spectrum for excellent flowering but also produces some blue to make it also usable the vegetative growth stage.

Light spectrum output of the Sylvania Grolux HPS lamp

How to Use the Grolux 600w Lamp

Check out the One Stop Blog to find out how to correctly fit a single-ended lamp.

Lumen output: 90,000
Lumens per watt: 150
Kelvin colour: 2050

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