Superoots Air-Pot (Pot Only)


Size: 1 Litre
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Produce a Large, Healthy and Dense Root System in Less Time with Superoots Air-Pots

The Superoots Air-pot is the revolutionary next step in plant-pot technology, offering an advanced way of growing using pretty much any growing medium, whether it's soil, coco or hydroponic (like clay pebbles). The Superoots Air-Pot produces stronger and thicker root-systems which are clearly superior when compared to those grown in a similarly sized traditional pot. The novel design encourages a thick and healthy root system to form, making the most of the container, while boosting plant health and performance and eliminating root circling. This bigger and better root-system, in turn, leads to healthier plants and heavier yields.

The Superoots Air-Pot comes in a range of sizes for any indoor garden, so whatever your needs are, we have a Superoots Air-Pot thats right for you. Highly recommended!

How the Superoots Air-Pot Works

The Superoots Air-pot is a growing container which is circular in shape but with a unique perforated side-wall which is textured like an egg-carton. In a conventional pot, roots grow outwards from the plant and when they hit the side-wall they begin to spiral around it. This process is relatively inefficient, as the root-system ends up being densest around the last centimetre or so of soil in the pot, leaving much of the soil within the container devoid of any roots. The Superoots Air-Pot works in a very different way. Roots begin growing out from the plant as normal but when the roots hit the side-wall they are guided into a cone, towards a perforation on the outside. As the roots do this they hit higher air-density and stop growing, an effect called “air-pruning”. This causes the plant to send out more and more root-shoots which fill out the soil with a full and dense root-system whish isn't just more effecient, its much healthier for the plant too.

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