Square Pot Saucer (21-42cm)


Size: 21cm
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Square Plant Pot Saucer (Black)

Pot saucers are for catching run-off from your plant pots. Compared with others on the market, our pot saucers are very well made and designed with high lipped sides and ridged stand-offs in the bottom.

Plant pot saucers allow plant roots to suck up run-off, reducing wastage. Just make sure that plant roots don't sit in excessive levels of run-off for too long or you'll run the risk of triggering root diseases, like pythium.

How the Square Plant Pot Saucer Works

Using a saucer under your pot allows you to easily catch this run-off when watering, preventing it from spilling onto your grow-room floor. Our round pot saucers have tall sides and a wide lip to catch lots of run-off. They also have a ridged bottom so that your pot stands off the flat bottom of the saucer. This allows the run-off to flow more freely out of the pot.

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  • Easily catch run-off from your pots
  • Uses floorspace more efficiently than round pots
  • Strong and durable construction
  • High sides with a lip to catch lots of run-off
  • Raised ridges on the bottom to allow run-off to flow out freely out of your pot
  • Re-useable many times
  • Available in various sizes

How To Use

Simply place the appropriate size round pot saucer underneath your plant-pot and allow it to catch the excess water (the run-off) out of the bottom of your pot. When you water it is always advisable to allow 10-20% of your water/nutrient solution you pour into the top of your pot to run out of the bottom. This washes out toxins and old nutrients which build up in the medium. This run-off can then be tested for pH and EC/CF/PPM, giving you an insight into the plants requirements at different stages. Once the pot has finished draining, tip away the run-off to prevent the growing medium from re-soaking up the waste.

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