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Spray2Grow - Thrips Protection Spray Concentrate

Thrips Protection Spray Concentrate is an all-natural treatment to fight thrips. A blend of various natural and organic plant extracts and saponins. When diluted and used as a foliar spray, your plants will be greener, healthier and thrip free.

How Spray2Grow Thrip Protection Spray Concentrate Works

Spray2Grow Thrips Protection spray is a natural way to fight thrips. This spray contains a concentrate of a natural and organic extract, that when diluted protects your plants from attack by thrips. This foliar biostimulant also helps your plants recover from pest attacks quicker. Using Spray2Grow keeps your plants healthy, green and pest free, allowing improved flowering and fruiting.

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  • Quick and effective
  • Contains only natural and organic extracts
  • Protects your plant from thrip attacks
  • Helps make plants greener, healthier, and pest free
  • Can make upto 10 litres of treatment solution

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