Spider Mite Predators (Amblyseius Californicus) x 100


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Spider Mite Predators - Keeps Your Grow Room Free of Spider Mites

Adding Amblyseius californicus to your grow space is a highly effective solution to spider your mite problems. This predatory mite is used in the professional horticultural industry, and makes a great weapon in your battle against pests, targeting troublesome spider mite species, including the notorious two-spotted spider mite (Tetranychus urticae).

From greenhouses to orchards, gardens to ornamental plantations, Amblyseius californicus thrives in diverse agricultural and horticultural settings. Regardless of the crops or plants you cultivate, be it fruits, vegetables, herbs, or ornamental varieties, this beneficial mite delivers dependable spider mite control, seeking out and devouring eggs, larvae, nymphs, and adults.

Why Choose Live Predators?

Live predators are the ultimate weapon in the fight against grow room pests. Unlike chemical pesticides, these living organisms offer a natural and environmentally friendly approach to pest control that doesn't harm beneficial insects or wildlife, and won't leave toxic residues on your crop. Plus, live predators establish themselves in your growing environment, providing ongoing protection that saves you money in the long run. Adding live predators as a preventative measure is a much better way to approach pests than to wait for signs of infestations. With their insatiable appetite for pests, live predators are highly effective at keeping populations in check, resulting in healthier, more productive crops that can reach their full potential. Choose live predator pests for a sustainable, effective, and cost-efficient pest management program.


  • Amblyseius Californicus - takes out spider mites
  • Loves to munch on eggs, larvae, nymphs, and adults
  • Tackles the worst grow room pest out there, eliminating major headaches
  • Otherwise known as Californiline
  • The natural way to destroy spider mites - no nasty chemicals or residues
  • Used extensively in the professional horticultural industry
  • Will feed on pollen and other prey, making them a good preventative
  • We recommend 1 - 2 sachets per plant

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