Sol-Digital Stealth G-Spot Reflector (For a 400v / 1000w lamp)

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Super-Efficient, Compact Reflector

The G-Spot Reflector is designed specifically for use with the Adjusta-Watt e-Lite digital ballast and a 1000w double ended HPS lamp. It’s a very cost-effective alternative to the Gavita Hortistar Reflector.

How the G-Spot Reflector Works:

The G-Spot reflector will help you to get the best out of your Adjusta-Watt e-Lite ballast and Sol Digital 1000w double ended lamp. Its miro aluminium is highly reflective and its compact size ensures that the light from your lamp travels no further than it needs to, increasing intensity and enhancing yields. These reflectors are based around a design that’s used in the professional horticultural industry, where tiny percentages count.

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  • Designed to work with 1000w 400v HPS systems
  • Compact size
  • Even light distribution
  • Highly reflective miro aluminium
  • Dimpled surface for even light distribution
  • Features eyebolts, making it easy to hang
  • RF shielded - no interference
  • Saves money - only needs replacing once a year!

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