SMC Spider Mite Control


Size: 100ml
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Eradicate Spider Mites with SMC Spider Mite Control

SMC has been especially developed to kill spider mites. Used as directed, SMC will kill spider mites and their eggs. SMC is pesticide free, 100% natural and completely safe.

How SMC Spider Mite Control Works

SMC Spider Mite Control kills spider mites and their eggs without resorting to the use of pesticides or other harmful substances. When diluted SMC is sprayed onto plant foliage, it blocks the breathing holes of spider mites causing death by suffocation. SMC also coats spider mite eggs, preventing them from transpiring and thereby drastically reducing the likelihood that they will hatch.

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  • Controls spider mites, greenfly, blackfly, whitefly and thunderfly
  • Pesticide free, completely natural and safe.
  • Safe to beneficial insects
  • Highly concentrated – 100ml makes 4 litres of foliar spray
  • Fast acting
  • Tested, used and recommended by professionals
  • Comes in three sizes: 750ml spray, 100ml, 250ml

How To Use

SMC Spider Mite Control is highly concentrated and needs to be diluted before use. Add 25ml to 1 litre of water and mix well. Using a fine mist, generously spray the tops and undersides of all leaves and foliage, avoiding any flowers. SMC works very quickly and within a short space of time, any spider mites coming into contact with the sprayed solution will be dead. SMC greatly reduces the ability of eggs to hatch but re-application after few days will ensure that any hatchlings are eradicated. Always spray your plants with your grow-lamps switched off and clean your bulb before switching back on if any spray gets onto it.

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