Silver Mylar Sheeting 5m x 1.4m (35 Micron)

Sale price£9.99

Silver leads the pack with its highly efficient Mylar sheeting, boasting up to 97% reflectivity. This cost-effective solution optimizes any grow lighting setup, ensuring maximum utilization of light resources.

Enhanced Light Utilization

With its gleaming silver surface, the Luxx roll achieves peak light efficiency. Rather than absorbing light emitted by LEDs and grow lamps, it redirects it back toward the plant canopy. The reflective nature of the surface ensures uniform light distribution in all directions, instantly brightening and enhancing efficiency in the growing space. This approach significantly reduces lighting equipment expenses.

Versatile Installation

Transform any space into a productive growing environment with this economical alternative to traditional grow tents. The lightweight and durable roll can be conveniently stored when not in use and trimmed to fit the specific dimensions of the growing area. Covering a larger surface area compared to standard reflectors, this sheeting provides superior value for growers.

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