Secret Jardin Monkey Fan
  • 82156 secret jardin 20w monkey fan2
  • 82156 secret jardin 20w monkey fan3
  • 82156 secret jardin 20w monkey fan

Secret Jardin Monkey Fan

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Secret Jardin Monkey Fan
  • 82156 secret jardin 20w monkey fan2
  • 82156 secret jardin 20w monkey fan3
  • 82156 secret jardin 20w monkey fan

Perfect for Grow Tents - the Small Yet Powerful Secret Jardin Monkey Fan

Please note - these currently contain a EU to UK plug & adapter.

The Secret Jardin Monkey Fan is a neat little fan that does a great job of moving air around your grow space, especially if you're in a grow tent and floor space is at a premium. It features a unique attachment that allows you to clip it to your grow tent poles with zero chance of it falling off onto your plants. This attachment keeps the fan off the floor while allowing space behind the fan so that proper air oscillation and movement can take place without touching the tent walls.

  • Unique design allows you to attach the fan directly to your grow tent poles
  • Pole attachment wont slip or fall on your plants beneath
  • Super simple to adjust and install
  • Compatible with most grow tent poles between 16-21mm thick
  • Low power consumption of only 20 watts
  • 2 speed settings to choose from
  • 100% copper motor
  • Produces up to 2200 RPM (revolutions per minute)
  • Comes pre-wired with U.K plug

1x Secret Jardin Monkey Fan, 1x pole attachment, 1x spare pole clip

21cm x 20cm x 21cm

Fan size:
8 inch (200mm)


How the Secret Jardin Monkey Fan Works:

The 8 Inch Secret Jardin Monkey Fan is ideal for keeping the air circulating in a small area such as a grow tent. The problem with typical clip-on fans is that they don't attach all that well to grow tent poles. The Monkey Fan holds itself securely in mid-air without taking up valuable floor-space. It is set proud of the tent walls allowing more air movement behind the fan, thus producing better airflow across plant canopy. Unlike many clip-on type fans, the Secret Jardin Monkey Fan oscillates, creating a natural wind effect to promote stronger branch and stem growth. The main body can be tilted up or down using the screw and nut, so that it points in the right direction. The Monkey Fan has 2 speeds, creates very little noise and uses only 20 watts of power!

Using the Secret Jardin Monkey Fan:

Connect the fan and pole attachment together using the locking screw and nut fitting. Once connected, place the Secret Jardin Monkey Fan at the desired height and location and clip it onto your grow tent pole. The pole attachment has a metal rod which links to the back of your tent pole to help hold the fan in place along with the plastic clip itself. Rotate and tilt the fan head on its pivot so that it is pointing in the correct direction. Plug the fan into a mains outlet and then switch the fan to “1” for a light breeze or to “2” for a stronger flow of air. The switch can be set back to “0” to switch the fan off again.

Never connect an air circulation fan to a fan speed controller. Only use the fans, own speed switches to control the fan speed. If an air circulation fan is connected to a fan speed controller designed for in-line duct fans then it will burn out and possibly start a fire.

Note: Although made to fit standard tent poles we found that when connected to larger diameter poles the plastic clip would accommodate the larger pole, however it is advisable to use some cable ties to further hold the Secret Jardin Monkey Fan in place.

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