Round Bucket with Lid (5-33 Litre)


Size: 5.6 Litre Bucket
Sale price£4.99

Round Bucket With Lid

Heavy duty buckets with a sturdy handles and a securely fitting lid. Ideal for carrying water and nutrient solutions or storing them for periods of time to prevent contamination.

How The Round Bucket with Lid works:

The round bucket with lid is a strong, light-tight container with a solid handle and a close-fitting lid. As the buckets are 100% light-tight, algae cannot grow inside.

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1 Round Bucket With Lid (5-33 Litre)


  • Tough and durable
  • Strong carrying handle
  • Lid forms a strong seal, preventing contamination of contents and spills
  • 100% light-tight, preventing any growth of algae
  • Ideal for making DIY deep water culture or “bubbler” hydroponic systems

How To Use

How to use a Round Bucket With Lid:

These buckets are perfect for storage and carrying of water and nutrients solutions without spillages or contamination of the contents. With the addition of a heavy duty net pot, clay pebbles, air pump and air stone these round buckets with lids are ideal for making your own DWC (Deep Water Culture) or “bubbler” system.

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