Replacement T5 Lamps


Lamp: T5 830 24w - 2700k (Red) for 2ft T5 Units
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Replacement T5 Grow Lamps

Replacement T5 grow lamps for use with the following unit Maxibright LightWave T5 units.

How these Lamps Work

These fluorescent tubes are replacements for the tubes supplied with our range of T5 propagation units. Depending on the colour spectrum that you choose, they are perfect for growing cuttings and seedlings, or for use as supplementary lighting.

Please note: the actual length of the lamps are 550mm (21.7 inches) and 1145mm (45.5 inches) & these items are in-store / click and collect only due to their fragility when shipped - if you purchase these online we will not be able to ship.



1 x replacement fluorescent tube. Choose between the following:

T5 830 24 Watt - 2700k (Red) 550mm Fluorescent Tube for 2ft T5 Units

T5 865 24 Watt - 6500k (Blue) 550mm Fluorescent Tube for 2ft T5 Units

T5 827 54 Watt - 3000k (Red) 1145mm Fluorescent Tube for 4ft T5 Units

T5 865 54 watt - 6500k (Blue) 1145mm Fluorescent Tube for 4ft T5 Units


How To Use

How to Use these Lamps

This Fluorescent Tube replaces the tubes supplied with our 2ft long 2-tube and 4-tube T5 units.

Please note: this item is temporarily unavailable online. Due to their delicate nature, these kinds of lamps have a tendency to get damaged during the shipping process. We're currently testing out many different types of packaging, and once we've found the perfect way to ship them, we'll resume online sales as soon as possible. Call us for more info on 01782 749955 or get in touch at

Packaging and branding may be subject to change.

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