Reflex Total Blackout Reflective Sheeting


Size: 5 metre
Sale price£13.99

Two Metre Wide, Triple-Layered, Blackout Plastic Sheeting

Total Blackout sheeting performs two roles at once, reflecting the lighting output from your grow light back towards your plants, while blocking light from outside. Other forms of sheeting do a good job of reflecting light, but they're not quite thick enough to be fully lightproof. Reflex Total Blackout solves this issue with a three-layer construction - a black layer in the centre with white layers either side.

Why You Need Reflex Total Blackout Sheeting

Plants grown indoors tend to be sensitive to different photoperiods. Alterations to lighting patterns cause direct changes to plants' physiologies. Switching to a twelve / twelve lighting period, for instance, triggers the start of the flowering process, causing plants to develop fruits. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that day and night cycles remain as consistent as possible.

Light from outside can negatively affect these cycles, causing extreme stress. This can manifest in a number of ways, ultimately leading to reduced yields and, worst of all, hemaphroditic plants that sprout male pollen sacks, causing you major headaches.

You also want to to make sure that light from your indoor garden doesn't escape, in order to keep your grow room as discreet as possible.


1 x length of Reflex Total Blackout sheeting.

Choose from 5m and 10m lengths using the dropdown menu.

Note: all sheeting sizes are two metres wide.


  • Makes your indoor garden more discreet, preventing light from escaping
  • Great for blocking off windows
  • Prevents outside light from affecting indoor lighting cycles
  • Thick, three-layer construction to block out light (white-black-white)
  • Highly reflective surface that gets the best out of your grow light
  • Two metres wide — available in different lengths

How To Use

How to Use Blackout Plastic Sheeting

Blackout sheeting is often used to cover up windows. This prevents light from getting in through windows, which can negatively impact lighting patterns. At the same time, it also prevents light from getting out of the grow space, keeping your indoor grow as discreet as possible.
You can also use it to line the sidewalls of your grow space. With highly reflective surfaces, it will direct light from your grow light back towards your plants, squeezing every last bit of performance possible from your set-up.

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