Pressed Equal Y-Piece Rigid Duct Part


Size: 5 Inch (125mm)
Sale price£16.50

Pressed Equal Y-Piece Rigid Duct Part

With the use of an Equal Y Piece, extraction systems can be conveniently split so that air can be drawn from, or move on through, two separate lengths of ducting. This is particularly useful if you are extracting air from two grow areas that you wish to move on to a single outlet point.

How the Pressed Equal Y Piece Works

The Y Piece is a simple way to split ducting in extraction systems off into two directions. Manufactured from extremely tough galvanised steel, these connecting segments are highly robust and durable.

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1 x Pressed Equal Y Piece in the diameter of your choice


  • Provides extra options when creating extraction systems
  • Engineered from galvanised steel
  • Incredibly tough and hardwearing
  • Can be reused again and again
  • Easy to fit

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