Plagron Nutrients - Vita Race Foliar

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Plagron Nutrients Vita Race - A Powerful Iron-Based Foliar

Vita Race is an iron-based foliar treatment that helps to bring the best out of plants during the vegetative growth stages and the first three weeks of the flowering stages. Iron is an essential element for plants, as it is involved in numerous biochemical processes, including respiration and the synthesis of chlorophyll. Enhanced chlorophyll production leads to improved rates of photosynthesis - the process where plants use light energy from your grow light to manufacture sugars using CO2 from the surrounding atmosphere. Faster rates of photosynthesis make better growth rates and healthier plants.

Plants need iron for proper growth and development. A lack of iron can lead to stunted growth, chlorosis (yellowing of leaves), and reduced fruiting.

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  • Potent iron-based foliar treatment
  • Increases chlorophyll production for faster rates of photosynthesis
  • Improves growth rates in the veg stages and the first three weeks of flower
  • Makes plants more resistant to stressors, acting like a stress tonic
  • Can help to rejuvenate sick looking plants
  • Also contains some phosphorus and potassium

How To Use

Give the bottle a shake before opening.

Add it to your sprayer at a rate of 5ml per litre of water (1:200).

Use Vita Race as a weekly foliar treatment, finishing after the third week of flower. Make sure that you give the leaves a good soaking when applying it.

Attention: Vita Race is not suitable for use in active hydroponic grow systems. If you do use it with an irrigation system, make sure that you flush your pipes after using it.

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