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Pure Zym - Breaks Down Dead Plant Materials

Pure Zym is loaded with natural enzymes. These enzymes are catalysts that work by accelerating chemical reactions, in this case breaking down dead organic matter. This process effectively clears out the substrate, making plants less vulnerable to pathogens, limiting the potential for root diseases like pythium. At the same time, the broken down matter can be reabsorbed by plants as fertiliser, giving them an extra boost and improving overall growth and vigour.

Enzymes are particularly useful to growers who re-use soils because there's a greater level of leftover organic matter to be broken down. With that said, enzymes will make a big impact even if you're using totally fresh substrate.

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  • Turns dead roots into available food, boosting plant growth
  • Massively reduces the liklihood of encountering root diseases, like pythium
  • Can be used to treat existing root diseases
  • Ideal for rinsing substrates when re-using them
  • Concentrated solution - used at just 1ml per litre (1:1000)
  • Not suitable for active hydroponic grow systems

How To Use

Give your bottle of Pure Zym a shake before use.

Use it at a rate of 1ml per litre of nutrient solution. Add it with every watering, right the way through the grow and bloom stages.

Pure Zym shouldn't be used with active hydroponic growing systems. If you do use it in an irrigation system, flush the pipes after use.

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