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Plagron Nutrients Power Buds - Bigger Buds, Faster Flowering & Less Stretching

Plagron Power Buds is an early flowering booster which speeds up the formation of flowers, buds and fruits as soon as you make the switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering cycle; you'll notice more compact and dense flowers and buds roughly 7 days after you make the switch!

Plagron Power Buds also stunts your plants stretching which makes them more manageable and keeps them at the correct height for optimal growth; you'll also take roughly a week off your flowering period as the increased growth shortens the need for the extra week of growth.

Faster Flowering & Bigger Buds with all Boosters

Unlike fertilisers, which feed plants, Power Buds is a biostumulant. This means it stimulates plant nutrition processes with the aim of improving one or more characteristics of the plant. For Power Buds this means stimulating the plant in a safe, hormone-free way to increase the amount of buds and speed up the flowering.

This also means you can use it alongside any other booster on the market as it doesn't increase your EC, making it the ideal additive to throw into your existing feed schedule if you want to push your yields up.

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  • Works alongside ANY booster - Canna Boost, Sumo Boost etc.
  • Increases bud formation
  • Speeds up flowering
  • Formulated with high-quality ingredients
  • Delivers bigger and better yields
  • Produces excellent results in almost any growing medium or grow system - soil, coco or hydro
  • Highly concentrated - used at just 1ml per litre

How To Use

How to Use Power Buds

Add 1 ml of Power Buds for every litre of water. You can then add in your base nutrient until you reach your desired EC value. Use it with every watering from the first week of the flowering phase. 

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