Plagron Nutrients - PK 13/14


Size: 500ml
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Plagron PK Booster - Piles on Weight During the Bloom Phase

PK 13-14 provides a potent source of phosphorus and potassium, two crucial macronutrients that are in higher demand when plants start to move through the flowering stages. Adding phosphorus and potassium increases the number of flowering sites and the density of flower clusters, laying solid foundations for your plants to build on. These nutrients then help to increase the size and improve the quality of fruits further down the line.

Using PK boosters is a great way to add lots of extra weight to your harvest, and Plagron PK13-14 is up there with the very best.

It's a mineral based product product, and therefore not compatible with fully organic grow set-ups. Outside of that, you can use it in any medium or grow system.

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  • Develops dense flowering clusters, laying the foundations for enhanced fruit production
  • Piles on weight during the bloom phase, for bigger and better harvests
  • Stimulates chlorophyll production, improving phototosynthesis rates
  • Works synergistically with Sugar Royal, for optimal results
  • Used at 2ml per litre of nutrient solution
  • Contains dissolved minerals - not an organic product
  • Suitable for use in any medium or grow system

How To Use

As always, give the bottle a shake before removing the lid.

Add Plagron PK 13-14 to your reservoir at a rate of 2ml per litre. 

PK 13-14 is formulated with dissolved minerals, so you should note that it will increase your EC levels.

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