Plagron Nutrients - Lemon Kick pH Down


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Plagron Nutrients Lemon Kick - Organic pH Down

Lemon Kick is an organic pH down solution that allows you to correct pH levels that are too high, bringing them down to ideal levels of around 5.5 to 6.5. The ideal level will depend on the growing method and nutrient type. Lemon Kick is made with citric acid. Unlike other brands of pH down, which use nitric and phosphoric acid, Lemon Kick has a positive effect on beneficial microorganisms. This makes it a great a choice if you're using microbial additives, like Biosys or Great White.

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  • Fully organic pH down
  • Contains citric acid instead of phosphoric or nitric acid
  • Increases concentrations of bacteria and fungi
  • Gets your pH in the sweet spot, for optimal growth rates

How To Use

Give the bottle a gentle shake before use. You should be careful when handling any pH product, and Lemon Kick is no exception. Wear gloves and be sure not to get it anywhere near your eyes.

The dose needed will depend on your starting ph level and how far you need to lower it. As a rule of thumb, add 0.5ml per litre of solution until you reach your target.


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