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Plagron Nutrients Green Sensation - Four Boosters in One Bottle

Green Sensation delivers four products in one bottle: PK fertiliser, enhancer, booster and enzymes. It will help to get the best out of your next crop, boosting growth rates, flavours, and aromas while increasing yields. Green Sensation produces excellent results in pretty much any grow medium or grow system, whether it's soil, coco or hydro based.

Improves Flowering

Green Sensation comes with a good dose of two essential macronutrients: phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). These two nutrients are needed in much larger quantities when plants reach the second half of the flowering stages; boosting levels allows plants to reach their full potential.

Increases Resistance to Stress

Green Sensation helps to develop stronger cell walls which leads to stronger all-round plants. Expect to see extremely robust structures that can support lots of weight. Green Sensation also makes plants less susceptible to an array of stressors, including pests, diseases and adverse environmental conditions.

Improves Soil

Green Sensation contains ingredients that improve the quality and consistency of the substrate, creating an environment that roots will love.

Maximises Yield

Green Sensation also stimulates essential oil production, for a better quality end-product that's heavier, with enhanced flavours and aromas.

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  • Excellent money-saver - combines four boosters into one product
  • Formulated with high-quality ingredients
  • Eliminates the need for PK boosters, bloom boosters, enhancers and enzymes
  • The most popular booster in the Plagron range
  • Contains no PGRs, hormones or animal derived residues
  • Heightens sap flow levels for greater concentrations of essential oil
  • Delivers bigger and better yields
  • Produces excellent results in almost any growing medium or grow system - soil, coco or hydro
  • Highly concentrated - used at just 1ml per litre (and it covers four products!)

How To Use

How to Use Green Sensation

Add 1 ml of Green Sensation for every litre of water. You can then add in your base nutrient until you reach your desired EC value. Use it with every watering from the fourth week of the flowering phase. 

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