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Plagron Fish Force - For Vibrant Vegetative Growth

Fish Force pushes your plants as far as possible during the vegetative growth stages, promoting the rapid development of healthy, green leaves and strong branches. This lays very solid foundations - plants that are stronger in the vegetative stages will be better equipped to produce fruits further down the line. It's rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, along with a broad spectrum of micronutrients, amino acids and vitamins. resistance to pests and diseases. These properties make Fish Force a great choice for growers keeping mother plants, as Fish Force keeps plants nice and strong, increasing their resistance to pests and diseases.

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  • An extremely potent vegetative growth booster 
  • Speeds up the development of leaves and branches
  • Loaded with macro and micronutrients that nourish plants
  • Great for maintaining the health of mother plants
  • Increases chlorophyll production, accelerating photosynthesis
  • Only needs to be used once per week

How To Use

How to Use Plagron Fish Force

Make sure that you give the bottle a good shake before opening it. This is particularly important with organic feeds and additives.

Fish Force is dosed at a rate of 10ml per litre (1:100). Use Fish Force once per week throughout the growth phase.

It is not suitable for use with active hydroponic growing systems, like NFT, DWC, etc. If you do use Fish Force with an irrigation system, be sure to flush the pipes after use.

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