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Plagron Bat Guano - Increases Phosophorus and Potassium, and Boosts Microorganisms

Plagron Guano consists of nutrient rich, dried bat and seabird droppings, which accumulate and solidify over extremely long periods of time. Guano has been prized as a fertiliser for millennia, due to the fact that it is incredibly rich in nutrients. It's absolutely loaded with macro and secondary macronutrients, like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, calcium and magnesium, as well as micronutrients, like iron, magnesium and sulphur. These nutrients tend to get released slowly, providing your plants with nutrition over longer periods of time. This enriches the soil, helping to prevent deficiencies. This guano is particularly rich in phosphorus, which plays a role in plants' metabolic rates, acting as energy storage. It's also required in large quantities during the bloom phase. A good reserve of phosphorus will help plants to reach their full potential.

At the same time, Guano boosts populations of microorganisms that work to improve soil structure, suppress harmful pathogens and increase the availability of nutrients.

All-in-all, Plagron Guano will help plants to grow more quickly and vigorously, leading to bigger and better crops. With that said, it's still important not to overdo Guano, as it can cause burning if plants are overfed.

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  • Loaded with phosphorus and potassium
  • Increases microbial activity in the substrate
  • Boosts growth rates throughout the whole cycle - grow and bloom
  • Certified organic ingredients - derrived from completely natural sources

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