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Organic Base Nutrient for the Growth Phase

Alga Grow is a 100% certified organic base nutrient that was created specifically for soil-based cultivation in the vegetative growth phase. Growing organically is extremely simple, making it a great choice for newcomers. These nutrients are much more forgiving than mineral-based (hydroponic style) feeds, and there's no need to check EC levels. You can pH adjust your nutrients if you wish, but it's not absolutely necessary. This makes feed-time a much quicker and easier process, freeing up time for tending to your plants in other ways.

As the name suggests, Alga Grow is formulated using algae. It's loaded with macronutrients, micronutrients and a complex array of amino acids that boost growth rates. Amino acids are involved in energy management and can be used as building blocks for growth. Alga Grow also provides a source of nutrition for the beneficial bacteria and fungi that populate the rootzone; these microbes then make the macro and micronutrients in the feed available to plants for a two-pronged effect.

Alga Grow delivers all of the basic nutrients required for vigorous veg growth and development, though it really comes into its own when teamed up with additives like Power Roots.

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  • 100% organic base nutrient - ideal for growers looking for natural products
  • Helps to nourish the microorganisms in the substrate (as well as your plants)
  • Optimised for plants in the growth (veg) stages
  • Formulated to balance the pH values of the soil - no need to adjust your pH manually
  • Helps to improve the soil structure
  • Teams up nicely with the other organic additives in the Plagron range, like Power Roots
  • Used at up to 4ml for every litre of water

How To Use

How to Use Plagron Alga Grow

Always shake Alga Grow before use - this is especially important when using organic nutrients.

Use Alga Grow at no more than 4ml per litre of water with every watering, finishing at the beginning of the bloom phase, when you should switch to Alga Bloom.

Alga Grow is not suitable for use with active hydroponic grow systems.

If you use an irrigation system, flush the pipes after use.

Don't worry if your bottle of Alga Grow has a strange smell or is slightly cloudy, as this is not a cause for concern. It's not uncommon for organic products to have slight variations in consistency or appearance, and these changes will not have any adverse effects on your plants.


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