Plagron Allmix 50 Litres


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Plagron Allmix - High-quality peat

Plagron Allmix contains a carefully selected belnd of peats, perlite, worm casings and organic fertilisiers. Because Plagron Allmix contains the high-quality worm casings, expect to see vigorous and explosive plant growth, alongside enhanced water retention. Plagron's Allmix contains everything your plant needs during the complete cycle, but is often used alongside Plagron Alga Grow, Alga Bloom and the rest of the additives from Plagron for peak yields and performance.

Why choose Plagron Allmix?

Firstly, Plagron Allmix is pre-fertilised to last at least six weeks with their fully organic fertiliser, making life easy from the get-go.

The fine structure and use of worm casings allows water retention to be high, giving your plants the feed they require, whenever they need it.

It's also suitable for organic farming and is fully CU certified for complete peace of mind.

This media teams up nicely with the Plagron Nutrients range.


  • High-quality peat based soil
  • Fine media structure for high water retention
  • Suitable for organic growing (CU certified)
  • Pre-fertilised for six weeks of use

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