Pistol Spray Gun 750ml

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Pistol Spray Gun 750ml

A good spray Gun is an invaluable piece of grow-room equipment. Our squeeze-trigger operated Pistol Spray Gun is the economical way to apply foliar feeds and pest/disease control products to your plants or for misting cuttings.

How the Pistol Spray Gun Works

The Pistol Spray Gun consists of a plastic bottle which can hold up to 750ml of liquid. The top part with the trigger screws off for filling the bottle. The nozzle is adjustable from stop to fine-spray to jet and everything in-between. Squeezing the trigger forces air into the bottle increasing the pressure inside. The liquid in the bottle is then forced up through the pistol-gun handle and out through the nozzle. The force of the spray or jet is controlled by the pressure applied to the trigger.

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  • Easy to use squeeze-trigger operation
  • Great value-for-money
  • 750ml capacity
  • Adjustable nozzle for fine spray to jet
  • Can be used to apply any spray from foliar feeds to pest/disease control products
  • Re-useable many times

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