Pipe Cutters (13mm - 42mm)

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Make Cutting Pipework a Breeze with these Top-Quality Pipe Cutters

When it's time to change out your pipework, there's nothing that makes life a bit easier than a decent pair of pipe cutters. These cutters feature comfortable handles and a ratcheting function to maximise cutting pressure. On top of that, they are made from high quality, heat treated steel.

How to Use Pipe Cutters

To use, simply slide off the jaw-lock band at the bottom of the handles on the unattached side which will allow the jaws to open.

The blades work via a ratcheting motion, simply place the pipe in the jaws of the cutters, now start to cut the pipe by squeezing the handles together multiple time until pipework has been cut all the way through.

After use, simply slide the finger grip / jaw-lock band back over the unattached handle to keep the jaws closed for safety.

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  • Leaves a neat, clean cut in polyethylene & PVC pipes up to 42mm
  • Ratcheting function to maximise cutting pressure
  • Heat treated sharp blade

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