Oxypot Vegetative DWC Systems

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System: Oxypot V6
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Oxypot Vegatative DWC Grow Kits

Oxypot veg systems maximise floor space, growing up to nine plants in the ‘deep water culture’ hydroponic style. This is the ultimate system for vegging plants as quickly as possible. You can then transplant them into a larger system, ready for flowering. It can even be used very effectively for flowering larger numbers of plants if necessary. Oxypot systems use a minimal quantity of media and make it super easy to rotate your plants to ensure even growth.

How Oxypot Vegetative Systems Work

Growers everywhere are discovering the benefits to running DWC systems. Growing deep water culture is one of the most effective ways to ensure that there’s optimal oxygenation around the root system. This triggers a dramatic increase in the uptake of nutrients compared to other methods, and it doesn’t take long before the effects start to show on the top half of the plant, with strong, healthy growth and fruits that swell to eye-popping dimensions!

Oxypots make the vegetative growth stages an absolute doddle, supporting up to 6 plants from the same reservoir tank – a lot easier than handling individual bubbler buckets. Easily one of the best DWC systems available today, allowing you to grow incredible plants, incredibly quickly.

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Oxypot V6: 1 x 70 litre reservoir, 1 x lid, 6 x 125mm net pots, 1 x blanking cap, Hailea two-outlet air pump, 2 x 1.5m lengths of air line tubing, 2 x two-inch golf ball air stones

Oxypot V9: 1 x 100 litre reservoir, 1 x lid, 9 x 125mm net pots, 1 x blanking cap, Hailea two-outlet air pump, 6 x 1.5m lengths of air line tubing, 2 x tee pieces, 4 x two-inch golf ball air stones


  • Perfect for vegging plants before transplanting to a larger system for flowering
  • Comes with Hailea Air Pump and Two-Inch Golf Ball Air Stones
  • Promotes thriving, rapid-growing rootzones
  • Incredibly high levels of oxygenation
  • No need to maintain separate reservoirs for multiple plants
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Supplied with parts for growing up to 9 plants
  • Available with 70 litre and 100 litre reservoirs
  • Clean and clinical — produces very little waste
  • Manufactured from tough, rigid plastic

How To Use

How to Use an Oxypot Vegetative System

Place the reservoir under your grow light in a central area. Fill the reservoir tank roughly 3 quarters full, so that the water level sits just below the underside of the net pots. Add nutrients to the appropriate EC levels and pH adjust the solution to around 5.8.

Take your air-pump and place it in a dry area away from the reservoir itself at a height level that is above the reservoir’s waterline. Connect your air-stones to the air-pump using suitable lengths of air-line tubing. Insert check valves into the air-line tubing to guarantee that water does not siphon back to the air pump causing damage and potential hazards. When you turn the pump on at the wall outlet, you’ll notice a bubbling effect in the nutrient solution.

We recommend developing your plants into 3” or 4” Rockwool cubes before transplanting to this system. Cuttings are OK to transplant, but the length of time that it takes for roots to search out the nutrient solution below is greatly increased.

Add a small layer of pre-rinsed clay pebbles to the net pot, then place the Rockwool cube with your chosen plant on top. Fill in the sides with clay pebbles, so that the Rockwool cube is completely covered. Your net pot can then be placed inside the centre hole. Hand water from the top down until roots have grown out from the net pot and made contact with the nutrient solution below.

Always ensure that nutrient temperatures stay in the 18-20 degrees centigrade range. At temps above 21 degrees, water starts to lose oxygen which reduces the effectiveness of the system and can lead to issues with root disease.

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