Opticlimate Revomax II - Grow Room Air Conditioning Unit

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Model: Revomax II 6000
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Revomax II - The Ultimate Modern Climate Control Solution for Indoor Gardening

Say goodbye to environmental issues with the revolutionary Revomax II, the latest innovation in climate control technology. Designed to cater to the meticulous needs of indoor growers, the Revomax II ensures your plants thrive in the perfect environment, regardless of the weather outside. It's also the first all-in-one steady state temperature and humidity air conditioner in the world, meaning there's no external outdoor unit for complete peace of mind.

Pair it alongside the Revomax Smart Remote Controller and you can operate your Revomax II from anywhere in the world via its super-secure internet connection.

The Revomax II boasts new infinity DC inverter technology which allows you to drop down your cooling capacity to as little as 20-30% (most other units in the industry only go to roughly 60%), giving your climate more stability if the heat output of the room isn't as extreme.

The Revomax II is also the safest system we've seen with an array of measures to protect against any issues you may face in your grow room, including built-in temperature protection, a water leak safeguard, fireproof housing and an SMS alarm outlet to make you aware of any issues.

The built-in dust and carbon filters hidden away inside the Revomax II absorb any unwanted smells and prevents musty odours that've formed due to mould formation.

The Revomax II can be set up in two ways, either with traditional water-cooled inlets connected to your supply, or air-cooled with a separate split unit. 

Please note these units are available on a purchase to order basis so there will be an extended lead time & will also arrive on a pallet.

If you want to call to discuss your Revomax II, contact us here - 01782 749955 (10am till 5pm).


  • Harnesses brand new, digital inverter technology for 30-100% cooling
  • Optimised for modern, LED grow light technology
  • Provides growers with heating, cooling, dehumidifying, circulating, and filtering modes
  • Super silent for peace of mind
  • Built-in carbon and dust filter
  • Can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world with its secure wifi connection
  • Comes with an array of safety features
  • Day and night mode

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