Opticlimate Insulating Anti-Vibration Feet (Full Set)


Size: For use with Opticlimate Pro 3 - 3500
Sale price£197.99

Box of Four Insulating Anti-Vibration Feet - For Opticlimate Pro 3

This box of four anti-vibration feet is designed for use with the Opticlimate Pro 3 air conditioning systems. The Opticlimate is very quiet running, but fitting these feet will insulate the surrounding structure from any vibrational transfer, thus lowering overall sound levels.

How the Box of Insulating Anti-Vibration Feet Works

Though the Opticlimate is very quiet running, we recommend that you fit it with insulating feet to reduce the transfer of vibrations produced by the squirrel cage fan inside the unit to the surrounding structure. This will help to create a growing area with the lowest possible noise levels. The springs of the four feet in this pack have different tension levels. The variation is due to the fact the feet are intended to support different areas of the Opticlimate. Follow the instructions carefully and ensure that they are fitted in line with the supplied instruction sheet.

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For Opticlimate Pro 3 - 3500 - 2 x 20kg insulating feet, 2 x 30kg insulating feet
For Opticlimate Pro 3 - 6000 - 4 x 30kg insulating feet
For Opticlimate Pro 3 - 10000 - 3 x 40kg insulating feet, 1 x 50kg insulating feet
For Opticlimate Pro 3 - 15000 - 4 x 50kg insulating feet


  • Weighted specifically for each opticlimate
  • Reduces vibrational transfer
  • Lowers sound levels
  • High quality construction

How To Use

How to Use the Box of Insulating Anti-Vibration Feet

The feet should be bolted to the underside of the Opticlimate. Remember that there are two types of foot for the Pro 3 3500. Read the supplied instruction sheet carefully and make sure that each foot is fitted in the correct corner of the unit.

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