Ona Air - Cyclone Fan (For Use With 20L Ona Gel Pots)

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ONA Air Cyclone Fan Unit

The ONA Air Cyclone Fan Unit design fits neatly over the top of ONA’s 20-litre tub of gel. The 5-speed fan will powerfully but gently and evenly distribute the odour neutralising agent over a medium to a large-sized room of up to 464 square metres (5,000 square feet).

This unit is a cost-effective, top quality, odour-killing gel distribution system. The product is portable and runs very quietly while efficiently eliminating unwanted smells whenever needed. This solution provides high volume and high capacity odour control for the worst possible conditions, and it’s ideal for use in all types of hydroponic growing setups.

How Does the ONA Air Cyclone Fan Unit Work?

The Cyclone Fan Unit fits snugly on top of the 20-litre tub of ONA gel. It disperses its anti-odour agent by employing its well-known, completely safe chemical reaction to eliminate the molecules of the odorous particles by reducing them to their elemental constituents. This process destroys the offending smell, not masking it like most air fresheners, and replaces it with a pleasant aroma over a large area.

The product has a 5-speed selector switch plus the ‘Off’ setting. In the lowest speed setting, the fan unit is very quiet in operation, and it gently disperses the odour control agent into the space that needs treating. The higher speed settings are practical where more ambitious odour control is necessary or large grow rooms near the maximum recommended size of 464 square metres. Alternatively, you can set the product at high speed for relatively short periods when extra bursts of odour control are required.


  • Made by ONA: superb, long-lasting and reliable odour management
  • Designed to fit snugly onto ONA 20 litre gel tub
  • Evenly distributes the ONA (odour neutralising agent) around and among a large-sized growing room up to 464 square metres (5,000 square feet)
  • The unit meets the strictest quality control standards
  • It has five fan speed settings to suit the odour control problem and size of the room
  • Adjustable airflow of up to 121 cubic feet per minute (CFM)
  • Very low power consumption at 12 Watts

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