Omega Clone Strip LED & Shelving Propagation Kits

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Kits: LEDs and Shelves (Without Tent)
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Professional Propagation Station

This kit is designed to get your next generation of plants up and running in style. It's ideal for rooting cuttings and germinating seeds and will allow you to produce large numbers of plants in a very limited space.

Three pairs of Omega Clone LED Propagation Strips are included, which are known to be among the most effective propagation lights on the market. Omega Clone LED are built to incredibly high standards and come with full-spectrum light outputs that are close to natural sunlight, which is why they are recommended by an array of prominent growers on social networks. Omega Clone LED Propagation Strips are tweaked towards the blue areas, making them ideal for the early stages. They can be daisy chained, so all six of the included strips can run from a single socket! That's because they're also hyper-efficient, delivering the goods while using only 18 watts of power each!

The Omega Clone LED strips are bundled with a high-end horticultural shelving unit. The metal construction is solid as a rock, so it can't be easily knocked over. It's also corrosion resistant, allowing it to cope with the elevated humidity levels that you can expect in a vegetative environment.

For your ease, we've added some tough, crack-resistant Garland Boot Trays to house your pots. They come with ridged bottoms to keep your plants raised above any run-off. Some growers also add a layer of clay pebbles or perlite to the bottoms, which is better for supporting really small pots.

Each shelf can easily house three medium-sized propagators. That's equivalent to at least 72 cuttings per shelf. With three shelves, this kit can easily handle 216 cuttings!

If you want even more cuttings, you can buy the standalone unit which will fit inside the tent, giving you two shelving units with 6 pairs of Omega Clone LEDs - this will fit easily into the tent.

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3 x pairs of Omega Clone LED strips, 1 x 4-shelf shelving unit, 3 x Garland Boot Trays, 1 x packet of 20 cable ties


  • Built for taking cuttings and developing seedlings
  • Supplied with rock-solid horticultural shelving to support plants
  • Uses space more efficiently, making your grow room more productive
  • Each shelf holds three medium propagation trays with space to spare - that's at least 72 cuttings per shelf!
  • Comes with Garland Boot Trays that feature ridges to elevate your containers (no water logging)
  • Uses three sets of the excellent Omega Clone Strip LEDs (six strips) 
  • Powered from one plug socket using daisy chaining (no extra cables required)
  • Please note - brand / packaging of shelves may change but the quality / dimensions will remain the same

How To Use

Instructions are supplied that will enable you to quickly and easily assemble the shelving unit. The LED strips can be attached to the shelves using the supplied cables ties. These are not supplied and will need to purchased (for a minimal cost) separately. Consult the Omega Clone Strip LED manual for information on daisy chaining.

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